N.M.I. stands for Nazarene Missions International

Our goal is to keep missions before us through many avenues. We educate through mission moments, reading books, and special speakers. We share through our resources in as many ways as God allows us. We reach out through at least one local compassion project a year, crisis care kits, child sponsorship, helping our own go on Work and Witness trips and as many other ways as our congregation is willing to do. We care through our prayers and loving on our missionaries as well as our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world.

If you want to learn more about NMI, follow this link to their webiste: https://nazarene.org/who-we-are/organization/ministries/nazarene-missions-international

If you would like to donate to missions then click the link below:


June 7-19 2016

A group of us had the amazing opportunity to travel to Durban, South Africa!

What we did:

  • Visited schools and connected with teens
    • Gave away soccer balls, baseball caps, inspirational material
  • Made home visits to preach and witness to the locals
    • Showed Jesus film and distributed tracts
  • Participated in a soup kitchen and health clinic
  • Pastor’s breakfast to promote Koinonia and a ladies conference