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Charlotte Calvary Food Pantry

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“Enlarge Your World to Include Them”

“They don’t have to look for us; we look for them”

Giving a hand up to families of the community is what our mission is all about. It gives us a noble purpose. We felt blessed to witness the impact of the provisions our Partner In-Support and Private Donors had on eight-hundred and twenty (820) people in the community.

We need your immediate support if the children and their families are to survive and more importantly thrive. With the support of generous Partners In-Support and Private Donors we were able to give the children and their family adequate quantities of nutritious food they actually can and do eat.
It’s cold every day When You Are Hungry!

Your in-kind/monetary gift will help sustain our efforts to lessen hunger for the children and their families. Giving a Hand Up will help the children and their families to eat better this year. Setting up a donation box may be all that is needed.

A list of items you can ask friends, family and your employer to donate:


Boxed food items           Can food Items               Nutritional Drinksfood-bank.fw

Powdered Milk               Package food Items        Cookies/Crackers

Personal Care Items        Soap/Laundry Detergent Toilet Paper etc…


Mail your monetary Gift: Attention Dickie Bennett, Charlotte Calvary Church of the Nazarene 4000 North Sharon Amity Road Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

In-kind Gift: Drop off your in-kind gift at 4000 N. Sharon Amity Rd Charlotte, NC 28205. If you prefer us to pick-up your gift call (704) 536-6485 to schedule a pickup date.

Want to Partner In Support? Call (704) 536-6485


Food Pantry Family

Charlotte Calvary Church of the Nazarene operates a food pantry for the needy. Please call for an appointment (704) 536-6485.


What We Need From You:

Name, address, phone number.

  • A count of how many people are in your household.
  • A best guess of how many days of food you’ll need.
  • A brief account of why you are in need (someone lost their job, got sick, etc.).
  • We will ask you to sign a brief, simple declaration of need, something like this:

“I understand that the Charlotte Calvary Church of the Nazarene food pantry exists to provide food assistance to those who really need help. By accepting help from the pantry I affirm that my household genuinely needs food assistance.”


You must always show ID and sign our log book when picking up groceries.